We want to thank all the fans of computer games, comics, films, and fantasy who joined our first Geek Convention. We were happy to unite hundreds of people with common interests and become a connecting platform for outsiders who expand and enrich the intellectual, artistic, and cultural realms we geek.

Geek Convention themes:

  • Video games developers and publishers;

  • Electronics, gaming PCs, tablets, set-top boxes, consoles;

  • Mobile devices;

  • Video games for PC, consoles, smartphones, and portable devices;

  • Software;

  • Gaming startups.

Geek Convention events:

  • Open board gaming;

  • Themed merch fair of heroes of computer games, serials, and comics.

  • Educational services;

  • Entertainment equipment, slot machines;

  • VR;

  • Arcades, prize attractions, shooting galleries: pneumatic, laser. 3D/4D/5D cinemas.

  • Interactive games, simulators, laser tag, paintball.

Hope we will manage to prepare many more exciting themes and events for you guys next time. We also want to thank our partners and sponsors for the assistance provided. Geek Convention becomes possible due to their help and financial support.

Titan Games and Comics

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Ignite Visibility

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