KRYSTALIN (aka Ruth Kristen Porter-Ogada) is one of the founding members of a future incarnation of the X-Men in 2099. In this future, the X-Men head quarters is in the abandoned Hoover Dam. Krystalin is one of the central members of the team, trusted with the most important missions by the head of the X-men Xi’an Chi Xan, and interacting with future incarnations of Spider-man and Archangel.

Born in Oakland, she is the daughter of a founding member of the Order of the Panther, a para-military force inspired by Wakandan traditions. When her father is killed and her brother is kidnapped by a group of radicals who disagree with the Panther’s doctrine, Krystalin single handedly defeats them and rescues her brother. Krystalin and the X-Men team later serve as protectorates of a refugee city in the crumbling nation called Halo City.

She can manipulate minerals in the air to form hard crystalline objects in any shape, she mainly uses this power to create powerful weapons. She first appeared in X-Men (2099) #1. After the series was cancelled she appeared as a small role character in 2099: World of Tomorrow where she uses her powers, drawing minerals and pollutants from the massively polluted air, to help rebuild civilization in the destroyed world.