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Heroic Love…Unrequited: Karma (Xi’an Coy Manh)

Karma (Xi’an Coy Manh)

Before she was a mind-possessing badass who was the first recruitment to Charles Xavier’s new X-men team the New Mutants, X’ian Coy Manh had a tough life. Growing up in Vietnam during the Vietnam War, her mind-control powers manifested when protecting her twin brother Tran Coy Manh from an attack by a Viet Cong soldier.  Tran went on to abuse his own identical powers, and Xi’an, along with her mother and younger siblings escaped from Vietnam by boat after her father a South Vietnamese colonel was killed.

On the journey she and her mother were sexually assaulted and her mother killed, leaving Karma an orphan and the caretaker of her siblings. This is the state that led her desperately to possess Spider-man’s mind to protect her little brother and sister. After a showdown between her, the mind-controlled Spider-man and the Fantastic Four who were possessed by her evil brother Tran, Xi’an absorbed her brother’s mind completely and became Karma. Later, in a Battle with Cameron Hodge, she was severely injured and had to have her leg amputated. It was replaced with a bionic prosthetic.

She’s been a loyal member of the X-men for decades, with brief stints away from the team to pursue other interest, including a job as a librarian at the University of Chicago, where she met and fell in love with Kitty Pryde (currently known as Shadowcat).

The two have been close friends, but Karma believes that Kitty would not be able to reciprocate her feelings and so has not pursued her own. Karma has been in no other known romantic relationship. Recently, Kitty had returned the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning, where she has had a casual and undefined relationship with Iceman, and is appearing in Brian Wood and Olivier Coipel‘s X-men series.

Kitty Pride finds Karma in the wreckage of the school…

Love doesn’t always work out for everyone, not even superheroes.

Today Karma is a member of the Astonishing X-men team, along with Gambit, Iceman, Northstar, Wolverine, and Cecilia Reyes. Created by Chris Claremont and Frank Miller, Karma first appeared in 1980 in Marvel Team-Up #100. Coming out and confessing her feelings for Kitty in 2003, she was one of the first lesbian characters in a mainstream comic.


TOP 5 Asian American Comic Book Heroes In The Mainstream

May and the official Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month are coming to a close, but we can continue celebrating Asian American culture year-round and we can do it all geeky like with some on-going comics featuring Asian American & Pacific Islander heroes!

Non-stereotyped or side-kick-ed Asian/ Asian American heroes are a rare thing in comics history and present, but right now there are two major ongoing series with leading AA heroes – the slicing and dicing Japanese transplant Katana in her own self-titled series Katana (DC Comics) by Ann Nocenti and Alex Sanchez and the crime-fighting cibopath Tony Chu in Chew (Image) by John Layman and Rob Guillory. 

Tony Chu – Chew

Tony Chu in Chew

If you’re not already reading Chew, go pick up volume 1 now. It’s amazing. The storytelling, the art, Tony Chu… Often disgusting, usually hilarious, always incredibly imaginative, Chew is one of my favorite comics four years running. John Laymanhas created a world where birdflu ran rampant killing millions of Americans and turning the FDA into one of the most powerful agencies in the country. And that’s where Philadelphia police detective Tony Chu’s story starts off. A scrawny sickly looking guy, Tony Chu is a cibopath, meaning he can get psychic visions from anything he eats.  Anything. Yep, just imagine all the potential for gross. But beyond the disgusting, Chu is stone-cold cop with a wacky ability in an absurd world, and he isn’t the only one with “special” talents…

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Mother’s Day Ideas for the Geek Outsider Mom

For the Trekkie Mom: 

Let’s face it, your mom was the first geek you knew.  Before you were uncool, she was well beyond the frontier of geekery. “The Final Frontier”, if you will. And what better way to show you care than a little cross-generational geek appreciation? Not to mention, every geek outsider out there appreciates the social frontiers that Star Trek boldly broke through.  So, celebrate the bada** geeky lady in your life with the boundary-busting women of Star Trek: The Original Series. Throw a geeky slumber party, complete with comfy pj’s and the complete collection of The Original Series to choose from!

Then don your matching insignia pins and take her to see the new Star Trek: Into Darkness movie opening night!

Star Trek: Into Darkness May 17, 2013
Star Trek: Into Darkness May 17, 2013

For the Comics Fan Mom

With a little Mod Podge, some old comics, and a little craftiness, you can make some display-friendly comic book storage:

This Batwoman themed comics box was made out of a magazine holder
This Batwoman themed comics box was made out of a magazine holder

Or dig through the bins at your local comics shop or scour Ebay for older or rare comics featuring strong female characters, like …

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For the Gamer Mom

First things first, your mom is awesome.

For the multi-talented gamer mom, get her a multi-platform gaming headset, like the Astro A30 so she can game in peace on PC, console, or mobile.

ASTRO A30 headset (via Astrogaming.com)
ASTRO A30 headset (via Astrogaming.com)

For the gamer mom with a newborn, pick up a nifty nursing pillow, so baby can munch while mom keeps her hands free to showcase her hardcore Portal skills to her little future geek. Preferably an awesome one like these…gotta geek ’em young.

For the online gamer mom (and the last-minute kid), find out what she plays and buy her either virtual points for her platform or see about buying her in-game currency!

gift card for PlayStation Network

For the Sci-Fi/Fantasy Geek Mom

Sign her up for the Science Fiction Book Club or buy her a gift card to your local bookstore and make a day of it — Brunch, and then head to the bookstore to discover new sci-fi and fantasy books you can read together.

Here’s a few new books we’re a fan of here at Geek Outsider:

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For the Cosplay Mom

A cosplay mom does Merida (via. The Mary Sue)

Head to your local crafts store and stock up on sewing materials (needles, thread, fabric markers, fabric) and craft materials (dyes, zippers, wonderflex) and put together a cosplayer care package.

via CreatingKeepsakes.com

Or find out her cosplay plans for the upcoming con and hook her up with some essential costume elements s she’ll need to blow minds at con!

For the Not-So-Geeky Mom

So maybe your mom isn’t so geeky, maybe she never understood what you saw in all those weird fantasy lands, video games, and “cartoons”, but perhaps she supported your geeky ways anyway. Maybe this Mother’s Day is the perfect time to show her just how cool the stuff you’re into really is…

Create a couple new accounts on the MMO you play, or pick a 2-player console game and have a mother-son/daughter gaming session.

Rewatch your favorite sci-fi show with her.

Buy her a copy of your favorite fantasy novel or comic book series and reread it with her.

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