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A Very Storm-y Halloween! *Best* Storm Halloween Cosplay

Halloween isn’t just for the wicked, it’s basically a holiday for geeks and cosplayers to get their geek on with full approval and even celebration. And this Halloween, some classic Storm is out in full force!  And who can blame ’em, a Storm costume is the perfect way to get geeky and stay classy.

These classy and sassy Storms would make the lightning goddess have a little chat with her designer….

In Singer/model/director Greg Serebuoh‘s hands Storm goes natural diva:

In Singer/model/director Greg Serebuoh's hands Storm goes natural diva
In Singer/model/director Greg Serebuoh‘s hands Storm goes natural diva

Nailed it.



And Fashion blogger The Seventh Sphinx goes Storm mod:

Peep more shots at The Seventh Sphinx.

Happy Geek-o-ween  y’all!


Fashion Geek of the Week– “fashion history: the MFA Hippie Chic exhibit”

This fashionably geeky article comes from the fashion & make-up guru The Seventh Sphinx, whom I stole away to geek out with me at the Museum of Fine Arts specifically for geek-out over the awesome Sumarai exhibit, but as you’ll see there was an unexpected treat for Sphinx too! For a closer look at some of the outfits hit up The Seventh Sphinx.com or check out a couple of selections below


Last week I went to the MFA with GeekOutsider to see the Samurai exhibit (which was very cool, and inspiring style-wise in its own way). Imagine my delight when I realized there was a concurrent exhibit on 60s and 70s fashion, Hippie Chic.

I found this so inspiring. Here are some highlights.

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OK, what do we take away?

We need:

more color

a lot more color (both in the sense of great riots of color in a single piece and of a single bold solid color for a piece, ex. the solid red buttoned dress)


feathers, somehow (that massive blue coat is Marabou feathers – YES)

nontraditional suits for men and women (are you seeing that olive and black skirt suit??), but especially men

renaissance homages (the yellow renaissance dress with the embroidery and the gorgeous draping has to be my favorite)

hooded cloaks (the gray and black cloak was another I loved)

awesome boots (with the stars?!!) – awesome boots are timeless (this was GeekOutsider’s favorite look, in the teardrop swing with the casual corsetry)

imposing collars and cuffs (that red Russian coat with the black fur trim…)

style fusion – take anything you want from anywhere in history. I was amazed by the Louis XIV get-up, which is to me completely cute and desirable. Those little calf-length pants with diamond edging! I could wear those. I could wear those right now. Current fashion incorporates features from many eras, it’s true, but I think almost always in a very small, minor or diluted way. Returning to these eras in an undiluted form can be extremely refreshing – not incorporating them entirely, which is the realm of costume (though it can be a fine line, between costume and attire, and one it is fun to blur), but incorporating them in a way definitely and authentically; truly balanced fusion.

The exhibit is up until mid-November, and a general admission ticket gets you in. You can go for free on Wednesdays after 4pm….







The Seventh Sphinx on “reading: Alan Moore’s Fashion Beast”

My girl Meghan over at The Seventh Sphinx borrowed a couple issues of Alan Moore’s Fashion Beast comic from me, and, a fashion beast herself, she naturally fell in love with it and spewed some nice fashionable wisdom on it over at her dope  fashion blog The Seventh Sphinx… For the geeky Alan  Moore fans among us, Fashion Beast (Avatar Press) was originally supposed to be a movie, which Moore had been  working on back in 1985 right around the time he was raking in fame and dollars for The Watchmen.   But the screenplay was never filmed, and thirty years later he turned this freaky stylish Beauty and the Beast adaptation into a pretty stunning comic…  Read on for more on the story!

reading: Alan Moore’s Fashion Beast

On April 25, 2013 by theseventhsphinx

CPL was quick to recommend Alan Moore’s recent offering from Avatar Press, Fashion Beast, and lent me the first 8 of 10 issues. A graphic novel all about the power of fashion? Spot on with that recommendation. Opening issues: Mysterious designer auditioning humans as living mannequins with nuclear winter on the horizon. Yes thanks.


Fashion Beast is so my new epithet.


This text gets into the philosophy of fashion, the power of appearance and therefore of transformation. In this case, clothes are king, and appearance trumps all. I don’t think fashion has to be viewed from a serious or philosophical standpoint but it certainly can be (yet another lens through which to survey existence, yours, mine, and ours), and when it is, some very interesting things begin to happen. At least, to me. Namely, I pay more attention, I become more careful in my choices, I become that which I am always striving to be: a creature who does things on purpose.

That is not to say I know why exactly, or know what I am doing*, just…that I chose it, from an array of other choices I deemed inferior or less appealing.

*DEFinitely not saying that.

“Our clothes are bigger than we are, are beyond the petty lusts and difficulties of the creatures that inhabit them.”

Read more at The Seventh Sphinx