When the world’s amuck with monstrous perversion who feed on human blood, what’s a washed up old luchador to do but don the mask once more, lash crosses to his death-dealing fists and take on the vampires!


Last week’s Dark Horse Presents #28 featured the first part of a three-part mini-series from the world of Guillermo del Toro’s novels The Strain. Taking place in del Toro’s vampire universe, the comic is brought to life here by the capable hands of David Lapham. Titled after the old luchador hero himself, The Silver Angel series is off to a start that’ll make you disappointed it’s only a three-parter. Giving us a (mostly silent on our hero’s part) glimpse into the life of this masked vigilante vampire hunter, we meet a low-living old man with a glorious past.

It seems that by day Angel Guzman Hurtado is a dishwasher and general shit-taker at an Indian restaurant, but looks like his past as luchador champion Angel de Plata (The Silver Angel) ain’t quite so over as his gray hair might make you think.  This is just the beginning, but I’m looking forward to seeing old dude in action. With all the makings of the hardened, silent noir hero, he’s probably gonna run a number on those (frankly pretty creepy) vampires.


With all the young pretty blondes out there staking vampires, The Silver Angel promises a whole new slaying style with this … more experienced, masked Mexican fighter.  What I wouldn’t give for a whole series dedicated to this guy! Now here’s hoping Guillermo doesn’t dash hopes and have the guy break a hip and go out chumplike.  And maybe we’ll get to see him kicking vampire ass on the small screen when del Toro’s The Strain finally gets that rumored FX show