Back in something like 2006  DJ Cappel & Smitty had the genius idea to put the souls of Frank Sinatra and Biggie Smalls, both geniuses of their own genres, in a room together. The result was “Blue Eyes Meets Bed Stuy,” a perfect mix of Biggie’s smooth bass rap with Sinatra’s choral crooning, of Biggie’s usual chill vibe beats with Sinatra’s big brassy bands. Is the kind of sound you want for those days that you can’t really make up or down of, the ones that you just gotta glide through and go with.

Track 2, a mash-up of “Everyday Struggle” and “A Day in the Life of a Fool” is the truth.

So in the midst of the first bitingly cold days where the skies are still mockingly clear, as you zombie through your work day checking Facebook for a melange of international crisis news, hilarious gifs of evil pets, another opinion on Miley Cyrus, and yet another epic engagement story… maybe sign off and nod to this instead