Beyonce as The Queen B
Beyonce as The Queen B

Anyone who hasn’t seen Beyonce’s newest music video (clip) for her song “Bow Down“, go ahead and fill two minutes of your life with stunning originality. Go ahead…

Right?! What is she wearing?!? And why can’t I wear that to work every single day??

Okay, so Beyonce has gotten a lot of flak for this new song, but we don’t care about that. Just look at that outfit? The Queen B has worn her share of outrageous, eye-full-of-skin combos, and she’s been praised and damned for her fashion choices, but I’m gonna have to step aside from the boos and yays and give her a gleefully geeky nod for her very public affection for cosplay.

Beyonce as Sasha Fierce
Beyonce as Sasha Fierce

Yup. You heard right. Cosplay. Beyonce Knowles-Carter is a cosplayer – cosplaya if you will (her style is a little too fly for that final ‘r’). And it’s not just her latest foray into what I can only call steampunk-inspired Elizabethan Funk. Indeed, Beyonce has been cosplaying ever since she let it out that she had an alter ego who takes over her body to wreak rhythmic havoc on stage – Sasha Fierce.

Sasha Fierce wears diamond clad jumps suits (a la Dazzler, if you ask me). Her magical powers? Entrancing dance and singing abilities, a staggeringly unchecked confidence, and bullwhip hair.

Beyonce-Droid a la Metropolis

Beyonce has also cosplayed as various other characters of her own invention, including the Sauran-esque android in “Single Ladies” who’s recruited two cloned henchmen on a quest for a special ring, an animorphing warrior queen, and now a mythical Black Elizabethan royal, who can apparently bend the space-time continuum, reigning over a court of hip-hop jesters and funky courtiers (we can get into her reclamation of the (literally) powdery white regality of this era in future post).

Beyonce as half- Wonder Woman, half-Vixen
Beyonce as Wonder Woman/Vixen/Tigress medley

Beyonce has taken cosplay to a whole new level, creating characters of her own, dressing the part, and performing their stories on-stage and on-screen. Just because she’s famous and super hot doesn’t mean she isn’t a super geeky role player. Her styled performances are a solid nod to cosplay, steampunk, maybe even larping… not to mention the sci-fi and historical play she ropes into her costumed affairs, like “Single Ladies” and “Bow Down”.

Admit it B, you’re just a big nerdy geeky geekface. And it look good on ya.

Beyonce’s not the only one, however. Music and costumed performance are basically kissing cousins, and many contemporary and historical music artists take full advantage of the opportunity to play. Madonna, Janelle Monae, Lady Gaga, Nikki Minaj, and even Gene Chandler, who logged a stunning performance as Duke of Earl in the 50’s… which is exactly what I’ll leave you with. Cosplay in the mainstream? Let’s call it popcosplay.