Playing Guacamelee at PAX East
Playing Guacamelee at PAX East

Just a week ago at PAX that I spotted a 6-foot banner with a big, angry masked wrestler looking dude gnarling below the headline Guacamelee! at a stand decorated with Mexican flags and tapestries. And admittedly my first thought was… … oh… no…  The only two controllers were taken, but clearly I had to stop and take a peak at the game-play. The most I got to see was a villainous looking Mexican woman in a red dress deriding our hero animatedly. But I’ve decided to keep an eye on Guacamelee!  Now, the trailer is out, and the game is set to hit PS3 and Playstation Vita on April 9th.

I’m definitely dropping the $15 bucks on it. There have certainly been other games set in Mexico, including, famous Call of Juarez: The Cartel (Tech Land), which drew some ire from all sides angry that the game was glorifying drug cartels and the violence inflicted by them, and  Chili con Carnage (Deadline Games),  a gritty revenge story set in Mexicocomplete with sombrero clad cartel baddies and the hero’s array of “loco moves” and “spicy moves”.

But just from the trailer and the small taste I got at PAX, it looks like Guacamelee! is a whole different animal, celebrating Mexican culture rather than using it as a dusty Western backdrop or an excuse to shoot a bunch of mustachioed Mexican bad guys in ponchos.  Instead, we’ve got giant skeletons clad in Day of the Dead decoration, what looks like some very dangerous marigolds, and beautiful, vociferous Mexican women giving you a talking to, and then of course, there’s the teleportation and seriously fetching design.

Also anyone else digging the old school Sonic the Hedgehog vibe of the levels? (Oops. I think my age is showing). So I’m looking forward to it.

Anyway… April 9th. Guacamelee!