Juan Aguacate

Here of the new video game Guacamelee!, out from Drinkbox Studios this past April, Juan Aguacate is a Mexican farmer who is killed when he and his girlfriend confront the evil villain Carlos Calaca. However, Juan comes back to life endowed with superhuman powers, including super-strength, the ability to traverse the world of the living and the world of the dead… and he can turn into a chicken. Donning a luchador style costume, Juan embarks on a quest to rescue his lady love who was kidnapped by Calaca, destroying villains and hunting the beautiful cityscape, decorated in celebration of Mexican culture and folklore and plenty of Dia de los Muertos adornment. It’s out now and available on PS3!

El Muerto (aka Diego de la Muerte) 

El Muerto: Dead & Confused pt. 1 by Javier Hernandez
El Muerto: Dead & Confused pt. 1 by Javier Hernandez

El Muerto was created by Javier Hernandez.  Diego de la Muerte was celebrating El Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) when he was abducted and sacrificed to the Aztec gods of Death and Destiny. When the gods resurrected him as El Muerto, he returned with superpowers, including invulnerability, super-strength and super-speed, and the ability to give or take life.  It’s fun, hilarious, and you’ll learn a thing or two about Dia de los Muertos folklore and pre-Columbian mythology along the way.  It was also made into a movie, starring That 70’s Show‘s Wilmer Valderrama. You can check out a couple pages of Hernandez’s alternate version of the comic Manga Muerto here.  And speaking of zombies…


cover of Fatima: The Blood Spinners #4

Created by the infamous Gilbert Hernandez (of Love and Rockets fame), Fatima: The Blood Spinners (Dark Horse) came out in 2012 and ran for 4 glorious, weird, disgusting issues.  Fatima is a top field agent for a secret organization that is fighting an outbreak of zombies created by a drug called Spin.  Armed with huge guns and killer ass-kicking skills, Fatima is eventually left to take on this gory apocalypse alone, and she beasts it pretty hard. Not a lot here about Mexican culture but Fatima is too bad-ass not to include. But check out any of the Hernandez brothers’ comics for engaging stories with dynamic Latino characters.


cover of Sonambulo: Mexican Standoff part 3 by Rafael Navarro

In this dreamy, classic noir – lucha libre mash-up, created by illustrated Rafael Navarro, Sonambulo haunts the streets at night alongside werewolves and all manner of creepy creatures and mystical monsters. With the ability to extract dreams, Sonambulo is one of the best detectives out there, stealing hints and clues from the dreamy subconsciousnesses of the city’s sleepers. And he looks damn good in a suit.