Finally a film to counter the unrelenting bad media about video games!

“They’re too violent”

“they’re to blame for today’s violent or lazy youth”

“they suck out your soul and turn you into a drooling zombie (albiet with great thumb reflexes)”

We’re all familiar with the haterade that gets thrown at video games and gamers – from accusations for all the faults of “today’s youth” to social ostracization. Certainly, they’re not all always quality or great ways to spend your time, but then, neither is every novel.

It’s about time we hear a vociferous defense of all the good that this medium has to offer – unimaginable worlds made real, a sense of community, real-time strategy, inspiring careers in software/engineering/the arts…

And here it is!

Filming has already finished for Video Games, The Movie, and now Jeremy Snead, President at Mediajuice Studios, Ltd. has started a Kickstarter  to find funding to finish post-production on this long-overdue defense of video games the gaming community.

Check out the trailer above, see some of the video game heads interviewed in the film below, and  head over and support!