Just because LGBTQ Pride Month is wrapping up this week doesn’t mean we can’t keep the Pride going year-round. For the bookish out there, here are some suggestions to keep the rest of your year a queer and geeky ride!

For A Little Summer Sci-Fi Adventure

PROXY_coverProxy by Alex London

Summer is no time for those long heavy reads that weigh you down at the beach and put you to sleep at the park. Instead, run out and grab the sci-fi thriller Proxy Penned by former foreign correspondent Alex London who is no stranger to action, this all ages novel is a fast-paced, breezy read that’ll keep you amped for all the summer fun. Proxy follows two boys Syd and Knox who grew up worlds apart yet intimately connected. Knox is wealthy and care-free while Syd, as Knox’s “proxy” must accept all of the punishments and negative consequences of Knox’s actions. Eventually the two boys realize they have to come together to fight the system, and that’s where the adrenaline-ride begins… The main character of the novel is gay, a rarity in sci-fi, but his sexuality doesn’t define him or his story. You can get the first 3 chapters free, here! Plus, the sequel Guardian just came out this May!

To Tide You Over Until Season 8:

Queers Dig Time Lords by John Barrowman, Paul Magrs, & Sigrid Ellis

For the Who fans in the crowd… They haven’t even set a date yet for season 8 of Doctor Who, and we all know that the Christmas Special always just makes us want more and soonish!  Not to mention, with Matt Smith leaving the show, curiosity as to who will be the 12th Doctor has got Who fans feening for some Time Lord antics.  So get your fix, celebrate, and analyze Who and some of the show’s great queer characters, including Captain Jack Harkness (in fact, Captain Jack himself wrote an introduction to the book!) and Vastra and Jenny, and these Who fan-scholars even take a look at the Doctor’s own fluid sexuality. Check out Emily Nordling’s review of the book over at Tor.com.


For Fall-ing Back Into the Groove

This Song Will Save Your Life by Leila Sales 

Fall means back to school, back from vacation, back into the groove of work and school after an always too-short summer, but “groove” doesn’t just mean a notch in your coffee table, so get groovin’ with  Leila Sales’s This Song Will Save Your Life.  An all ages novel, kids can enjoy this fun story of a group of young misfits who come together over a love of music, but covering the lasting themes of friendship and acceptance, adult readers can enjoy this hilarious and honest look at friendship, family, and how neither ever stops being complicated and totally worth the trouble.

For A Little Winter Escapism

Ascension: A Tangled Axon Novel by Jacqueline Koyanagi

It’s not out until December, so aside from the description there’s not much to go on. But some key words from the description — namely startship, plasma coils, sky surgeon (I don’t even care what that means! just yes.) — have got me interested… Well, that and this crazy trippy awesome Ascension playlist the author Jacqueline Koyanagi put together for the book on Spotify. Besides, just look at that cover… a queer brown woman in space? And she’s some kind of engineer?  INto it.  I don’t know about you, but I can think of no better place to be in the dead of winter than outer space, far far away from uncomfortable family dinners, among a wacky space-faring crew of a delusion “wolf”-man, a Heisenberg-ian pilot, and a bold, hottie captain.