wrap-around cover art for issue #650

This December Archie Comics will be celebrating it’s 650th issue with a world tour that will take Archie and friends to India. The tour will be a four-part story line in the comic, titled “Rockin’ the World,” kicking off with part one– “Bollywood Love.”

According to Archie creator Dan Parent, the story will feature Archie’s buddy Raj Patel as he kicks off a documentary that follows several of the Archie Comics musical groups like Josie and the Pussycats, The Archies, and The Madhouse Glads as they take on international audiences. And the ever love-entangled Veronica and Betty will meet with some new competition in Archie’s new friend and Bollywood star Amisha Mehta.

The first issue #650 will also feature a variant cover by the one and only Fiona Staples (Saga).

Issue #650 variant cover by Fiona Staples

But this isn’t the first time that Archie and friends have made the trip. In 2011 in an issued titled “Love Me Baby, Mumbai,” the friends donned saris and kurtas (in a somewhat superficial take on Indian culture) and followed Raj to India where he was directing a Bollywood film.

Archie has a huge fan base in India, so Archie Comics has a big interest in bringing the crew East.  As Archie Comics CEO Jon Goldwater said in an interview with The Times of India, “India is so important to the future of Archie that it was a natural to embrace India as the first stop.”

We’ll see where else the World Tour takes us!

via. The Times of India