“Why don’t I see anyone making games in Africa?” asked Leti Games founder Eryam Tawia in an interview with BBC Africa.

Finding a lack of African-themed games and games from African developers, Tawia and his friend Wesley Kiriniya co-founded Leti Games “to create the next African Super heroes via comics and Games.”

And they’re well on their way. Rooting their games in African themes, culture, and mythology, the studio is currently at work on Ananse: The Origin, a game that features the West African god Ananse who possesses a human body endowing him with super powers.  You can catch some of the footage here.

Ananse from “Ananse: The Origin” (Leti Games)

With mobile phones being more prominent than consoles and PCs in many countries in Africa, the studio is focusing on mobile platforms, and their first mobile game iWarrior is already available on the iPhone.

via BBC News