When Jules Rivera gave us a shout-out on our article on diverse women in space, hinting to her shared space lady fanhood, we couldn’t help but go looking. Not only a fellow space lady admirer, Rivera is also the creator of her own galactic women warriors in her epic woman-centered space-war web-comic Valkyrie Squadron.

No-nonsense squadron leader Lt. Priscilla Vega leads her team into battle against a robot army that resembles a swarm of red-eyed spiders armed with heavy assault weapons and the occasional heavy-duty giant bot to tear ish down. But the ladies don’t scare so easy.

valkyrie2In the hands of pilot Lt. Jocelyn Gomez, Tech Officer Ensign Adia Ukpo, and Ensign Casey Anders, who basically stomps on androids and shoots big weapons, bot-busting missions are easy work. Though when we meet this all-female team, they’re in the middle of a mission that will change everything.

In the first volume (collected from the free web comic and totally worth the buck it cost to download) the dialogue and interactions start off a little stilted as if the characters are getting to know themselves along with the reader, but they quickly fall into stride, and it’s not long before you feel apart of the team’s camaraderie and you’re rolling your eyes along with the rest of ’em at the boisterous dude-bro squadron leader Lt. Leon Zantha. 

After just 30 pages the characters are already winning you over as Rivera enmeshes readers in the lives of the women and men of Valkyrie Squad both in battle against the bots and back in the barracks.  Volume one promises lots of intrigue and mystery to come and a wealth of complex relationships that will buck or buckle under the weight of the new consequences brought on by the squadron’s mystery mission.

Already in volume three and updating every Tuesday and Thursday, this is definitely one to follow. Bookmark it, download it, woo Jules Rivera with brownies, whatever!  This lady-led space epic is a dope delivery from Rivera and offers up some seriously badass brown lady ass-kickers to save the universe. So get on it.