Sometimes the best finds are right in front of you!

I recently moved on from my position as an editor at a publishing house, and apparently I didn’t hide my ubergeekery as well as I’d thought. In fact, it seems to have rubbed off on my colleagues a bit. As a farewell gift, the press’s marvelously talented designer Gabi Anderson drew up this incredible piece of a supernerdy supergeek that looks something like me (my nerdy is a shade uncool-er than this rendition)!  I can only hope that my future endeavors will look half as awesome as this.

Often here at Geek Outsider and other geek blogs we lament the lack of superheroes “who look like me.” Well… ask and you shall receive?

Now if only I can get her to write a whole comic based on this nerdy superhero. I’m imagining it’d be called Super-Bookish! Or maybe Super-Geek! Lady Thesaurus? …

As amazing as this is, Gabi’s talent extends far beyond this beautiful drawing. After seeing this beaut, I managed to squeeze out of her the link to her website and blog full of more amazing.