Because Sometimes You Gotta Geek Out to Get Away

It all started with Animorphs… We all have our geek origin stories — the first time we picked up a comic book, blew on a Nintendo cartridge, packed your first “In Case of Alien Encounter” bag complete with requisite towel. And for many of us those firsts are followed by more and geekier firsts — first Con, first cosplay, first Dungeons & Dragons game, first Doctor…

For us, the geeky, the appeal of these things requires no explanation. I mean, swords…dragons…time travel! Seriously, how could anyone not be into it.  But alas, the pathologizing ensues. They say we read fantasy novels because we’re trying to escape miserable or mundane existences. We dig slaying dragons because it’s phallic miming or posturing that establishes us as powerful in the moral-centric patriarchy in which we exist… or something. We hear these things and we scoff and roll our eyes. Clearly whoever is making these arguments is in some serious denial.  I mean, space travel…mutants…giant robots! Who doesn’t love that ish?

And it’s true, these things are just straight-up awesome. That’s why they’re finally getting their due in this new geek = chic world.

But then again, there’s that day that day your boss yelled at you like you were a crying little girl’s sad dog and you proceeded to kill all of the fellow adventurers at your weekly D&D match in the most humiliating ways possible…

Or once when you got the embarrassing kind of sick from a bad batch of clam chowder at the office holiday party and pretty much convinced yourself everyone would instantly forget this terrible origin story once your powers manifested…

Or that time you found out your boyfriend might have a seriously fatal illness, and, as you waited for the results over the next three weeks, you spent over several hundred dollars on in-game currency, buying shiny new armor and fighting evil blighted mini-demons with your ruthless guild mates…

Escapism? Power struggle? Psychological blah blah reason for obsessive fictional world involvement? Yeah…

So, the geekery. Sometimes it’s awesome for it’s own sake, sometimes it’s a statement, sometimes it teaches us to see beyond ourselves (that’s what Geek Outsider is all about!), and sometimes… it just saves us from having to deal… And there ain’t nothing wrong with that.

So, in light of the  three-weeks of video game-saturation that left Geek Outsider quiet for awhile, can we say thank The Restaurant at the End of the Universe for geekery?! Geekery and it’s fantasy-laden salve that helps us disappear, understand, and/or deal with the realities of existence in a world chock full of bad news.

The point is we’re back. Geek Outsider is back, because geek is good, and we missed you guys. Thanks for sticking around while we got mad boss gear for our Trickster Rogue to distract from real-life worries.  See you on the dope side of awesome!


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