As geekery, games, and comics take the helm as the “new cool”, for many life-long geeks it feels like all those “Revenge of the Nerds”-esque movies of the 80’s have finally reached their prophecy hour. Everything that was once totally lame, uncool, and like “like, gag me with a spoon” weird is stealing the spotlight.  Yet, as creators and consumers of all different genres, creeds, and cool levels, we still struggle to remember that trying to fit the mold will only lead to bad imitations. Anything that’s ever had a chance at being cool or awesome or revolutionary started off super weird.

So, this is just your friendly Monday reminder to keep it weird!

And here’s a little inspiration from some gurus of weird:

#1 “Weird” literally means “Winning” in Middle English


Okay so it literally meant “having the power to control destiny,” but you get the drift. Either way, being weird= being awesome.

#2 Being weird helps you appreciate the little things. 


#3 Sometimes it turns out your weird isn’t actually as weird as you thought!

This guy was just some weirdo who danced the streets of New York, now he’s started a phenomenon (and basically the coolest friggin’ health program ever on earth).

And all the cool kids are into it now too!

#4 Getting Weird Can Save Lives

Michael Jackson convinces generations of thug-would-be’s that excessive body waves is a way cooler pastime than knife-fighting.

#5 It’s kinda boring *not* being weird

#6 Cause weird look goood on ya!





Most Important Thing We Learned From Writing This List:

Whatever you do, don’t Google image “weird”…